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Warning Signs

At Sanchez Mechanical, we always stress the importance of proper maintenance to your HVAC equipment and hiring a knowledgeable, reliable company to do the repairs and maintenance. Failure to do so could risk the health of your family, friends, and employees, then cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. We put our expertise to work for you. Often we can diagnose a problem before we even see it. If we do need to come out to diagnose a problem, you can rest assured that we will only recommend what you need.
air conditioner buildup

Needed Regular Maintenance

In the event you are running the a/c and cold air is not coming out, there is ice build up on the lines, or cottonwood in the condensing unit, you need to have a professional service your unit. These common problems will burn up your compressor and ruin your a/c unit.

air duct buildup

Service Company Wasn't Reliable

Commercial food service company called because their employees were complaining of headaches and they also needed a new a/c unit. Upon inspection, their ducts were just cleaned but not clean enough because it was still full of mold. We replaced a 7-ton rooftop a/c unit and redid the duct cleaning. It’s important to get reliable help.

hvac not built to code

Incorrect Equipment for Home

8 year old home with improper heating and cooling. Both systems were too small for the home. The flue pipe wasn’t double walled to code, so it cracked allowing carbon monoxide to spill into the home

cracked evaporator drain pan

Wet Floor Surrounding Furnace

Cracked evaporator drain pan. The customer had a couple of companies come out and couldn't figure out why there was water coming out of the blower compartment when she ran the a/c. The camera revealed the evaporator drain pan was cracked and spilling water over the heat exchangers.

poor quality service job

Poor Service

This customer just spent $490 to have her system cleaned but still wasn't getting air flow. This is what a poor quality service job looks like and you will have to have it redone. It cost her a new motor when it should have cost her just a service charge.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Frozen Evaporator Coil

This evaporator had to be replaced due to corrosion buildup and rust. The return tubes were so corroded that refrigerant was seeping out of the fittings.

Flame sensor
corroded exhaust pipe

Corroded Equipment

The homeowner had just had the furnace cleaned and serviced, but the heat kept turning off and on (short cycling). Upon inspection, the flame sensor was full of carbon. We also found that the exhaust pipe was corroded and leaking carbon monoxide into the home. More corrosion was found under the heat exchangers. A high voltage electrical wire was laying on top of the flu pipe and could have caused an electrical fire. Overall, there were several health hazards in this home and we were able to take care of them all.

flue pipe separated

Carbon Monoxide Spilling Into Home

Customers complain about getting headaches. After review, we found the flu pipe was not connected properly spilling carbon monoxide into the home.

dirty blower motor

Poor Service

Homeowner just had a company come out two weeks prior. She said that her system was not running at full capacity and she felt the airflow was not coming out as strong as it used to. The blower motor was totally packed with debris. You could see water stains flowing over the motor and along side of the furnace cabinet. Because the coil was plugged and the filters hadn't been changed, the air conditioner was freezing up constantly and not running at full capacity.